Clean Home

Yesterday I picked up the camera and pressed record. I focused on a scripture which was placed on my heart.

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Somehow I wasn’t prepared for what I spoke on next. As I zoomed in on my board I realized that I had a small clutter of clothes on the floor.

Here’s where it got real because my words spoke words of wisdom. I talked about the lesson I learned in keeping my home clean.

I never chose darkness or at least it’s not what I wanted. One thing became certain when God began to set me free.

keeping my home clean was important. It became clear that in an unclean environment it was easier for darkness to dwell. In other words it was important that I kept my home clean.

Cleaning my home helped to set forth other actions.

Clean home

Setting Goals

Study my word

Worship and praise

Become active

Reach out to others

Become a blessing to someone around you.

Simple fact if I never would have taken the action to clean and maintain a clean home. It would have been more difficult for me to be broken free from bondage and slavery.

For me a cluttered and unclean environment was another way of keeping me in the darkness that I was trying my hardest to get away from.

Once I stopped the record button and played the video back. I became scared to post it. Just then God spoke and said “I did not make you to fit in so stand out”

Setting Intentions

I sat here cleaning my board and preparing it for this weeks task. Honestly I really did not know what my target would be, but I knew that I had a mission I intended to complete.

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I sat here and pushed passed cleaning it. Then everything else began to flow.

I started with a weekly scripture which was placed on my heart.

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Then I moved on to writing down my INTENTIONS for Monday. I wrote them down in order that I would complete each task.

My actual board

Last I wrote up at the top what was placed on my heart for a weekly focus.

Weekly Focus……….

“Surround yourself with positivity not negative works of the enemy”

Suddenly my first steps were clear…..

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Walking While Overweight

This post has been a long time coming, because for the past few years I ran from the calling God placed on my heart. I finally decided to face my fears and do what it is God has instructed me to do so many times. I have created a YOUTUBE channel yup I sure did and you know what thinking back that first step was actually not so bad.

I hid behind closed doors thinking that I could always do it some other time, but funny thing. When God calls you to it please understand that in spite of the funny feeling of doubts you may have you are more than ready.

Now that I have taken the first step which was the hardest I know that this I can do. Sure there will be times that I fall or feel as though I am not doing good enough. Over time I will learn as I go and as I go I will grow.

If you do not mind please watch my YOUTUBE video, give it a like, leave a comment and subscribe because I promise there is so much more to come.

Walking While Overweight Is No Joke – YouTube

Vacation Before The Push…..

My son wanted to go on vacation so we decided to go. Our destination was Tacoma Washington so we embarked on a two day Amtrak ride. The site’s were beyond amazing in fact the overall experience was well worth it.

We had the opportunity of seeing a part the states that many might not have seen or ever get to see. So I wanted to make it a point to capture as many moments as I could.

This vacation was a journey in itself, and it only helped to push me in the right direction the push before the push.

This is an actual volcano

Faith Over Fear

I’ve sat the past few months out getting my thoughts and priorities together. Funny thing when you enter the world it can quickly drift away. After months of praying and seeking God for clarity and direction. Something amazing happened I was brought back to step one.

During the past few months I’ve had to both walk away from people and let people go. Understanding that there is a strong difference between walking away and letting go.

Nothing was easy in fact the past few months were some of the hardest months I’ve endured . Fact check because In this time God did something wonderful by clarifying the vision and bringing me back to the beginning.

This blog was created to help people by sharing my own personal journey to both doing and being better.

As a single parent there are areas I struggle in, such as my health and weight. Here’s where it sinks in because being a single parent means that I have to be the best version of me that I can be. That’s life’s concept in general to become the best version of oneself.

Another reality check from my own perspective is that there is no way of doing this without God. Without purpose there is no meaning.

God placed it on my heart to make memories with my son so I realised that taking this journey together opens the door to the opportunity of us doing just that.

A new start from a much better perspective and with Gods help being the center of it all. This next step has not been without fear but God is greater than any obstacle we face.


Thank you to those who took the time out to reach out nothing went unnoticed.

Here’s to a brand new journey and FAITH OVER FEAR.