Clean Home

Yesterday I picked up the camera and pressed record. I focused on a scripture which was placed on my heart.

Taken from Google Images

Somehow I wasn’t prepared for what I spoke on next. As I zoomed in on my board I realized that I had a small clutter of clothes on the floor.

Here’s where it got real because my words spoke words of wisdom. I talked about the lesson I learned in keeping my home clean.

I never chose darkness or at least it’s not what I wanted. One thing became certain when God began to set me free.

keeping my home clean was important. It became clear that in an unclean environment it was easier for darkness to dwell. In other words it was important that I kept my home clean.

Cleaning my home helped to set forth other actions.

Clean home

Setting Goals

Study my word

Worship and praise

Become active

Reach out to others

Become a blessing to someone around you.

Simple fact if I never would have taken the action to clean and maintain a clean home. It would have been more difficult for me to be broken free from bondage and slavery.

For me a cluttered and unclean environment was another way of keeping me in the darkness that I was trying my hardest to get away from.

Once I stopped the record button and played the video back. I became scared to post it. Just then God spoke and said “I did not make you to fit in so stand out”