No More Dieting……

I spent so many years seeking diets and quick fixes. In the end I realized that I was only chasing after a pattern.

I would diet, loose a few pounds, fall off the van wagon, and double back the weight I’d lost.

This journey that I’m on has an entire new meaning to me. After many fails and false attempts I realized something.

It’s not about dieting because obviously that doesn’t work for me. Rather I should say it’s only been a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

God has opened both my eyes and heart to understand that it’s an overall lifestyle change.

My faith, my heart, my thoughts, the way I perceive things such as food. It’s even more such as my relationship with food, how I shop, how I prepare it, and making sure I’m active every day.

This journey takes faith, courage, strength, consistency, and as another blogger mentioned dedication.

At this stage in my life I’m more than great full for the many life learned lessons and blessings that God has both showed and given me.

My every step belongs to God my rock, my shield, and my foundation as word mentions my high tower.

After all of my fails the foundation is being firmly rooted and laid. I pray that this journey to better health and physical fitness inspires others whom are stuck in darkness and bondage.

Knowing that with God it’s possible it’s my prayer that this journey opens the door to inspire change.

All in all I’ve learned that it’s not about a quick fix diet. I have learned that it’s a journey of faith, and an overall LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

Stay blessed


Step by Step YouTube Vlog

I would be lying if I said the past week has been without challenges. In fact I’ve faced many obstacles from injuries, to procrastination.

I realized that although I injured myself the journey doesn’t end here. Yes it takes time for my injury to be healed.

Blessings in the storm because I’ve pushed myself harder to really research healthy recipes and foods especially.

Being a diabetic can sometimes make these things tricky. Even greater I’m gaining knowledge and tools that I can use to help guide someone else setting a blueprint if you will.

Today I focused on shopping for a healthier version of dinner. Talking to my family and getting them on board for healthy meals.

Check out this YouTube video I created. I went shopping and cooked a healthy meal.

Please be sure to subscribe, like, and even comment how did I do?

My Intentions Delayed???????

I set out this week with intentions to workout and vlog the entire week. This was a challenge that I eagerly took on.

Monday was a success as I pressed through some hard core cardio. Please check out the video below and feel free to pass it on.

Tuesday came and I was ready to continue with doing some weightlifting. Life got extremely busy and suddenly everyone needed my help.

In my heart I was hurting like never before, and for some reason I was disappointed in myself.

Words of wisdom from my nine year old wow never saw it coming. So he approached me on Wednesday after I had an accident with a heavy weight dropping on my foot.

In the midst of my pain, agony, tears, frustration, and questioning as to why all of this was happening he spoke.

He began telling me that he understands how important this journey is to me. He helped me to understand a concept which I was missing out on.

Yes this is a journey but I have to understand that it’s okay to take it slow as long as I’m being consistent.

My nine year old spoke and helped me to see that on this journey there will be times when we’ll simply put life happens and I can’t change that.

What’s most important is that I continue to build positive habits of making healthier choices.

Wow I’m so proud of my son and this has been a lesson well worth the learn.

Hypothetical Fall

I sat here after having a bit of a rough start to my morning. The day is nearly gone and evening has quickly approached.

Watching a few shows while trying to rest my foot praying that my injury heals quickly because I know the power of healing.

God allowed me to sit still for some time today. I had time to think, time to read, time to reflect and understand.

When all this was done I realized that all hope wasn’t gone. So I sat in bed and although I didn’t have weights I had intentions and a burning desire to push forward on this journey.

I realized that I could do this and so I did. Today was weightlifting day and I did it. No weights but I sat in bed while resting my foot and did my entire weightlifting routine.

Thank you to the bloggers who helped me to understand the power in our God. You don’t know it but today reading your blogs became a huge part of my help.

Another day on my journey and somehow it started off with a hypothetical fall. Your words of wisdom helped me to get myself together and continue on with this journey.

Stay blessed each and every one of you

John 8:36King James Version

36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Taken from BibleGateway

Facing Adversity

It never fails that when you set standards for whatever journey your on adversity comes your way.

I woke up this morning eager to vlog and post it on YouTube. I had everything set up correctly and ready for success.

In reality I began preparing for today yesterday because I wanted it to go well. To top it off a long standing silence between my neighbor seemingly ended.

One thing for some reason seemed off. While we all stood out congratulating my neighbors daughter on a job well done Landing her first job. Deep in my heart there was one person whom I could tell was far from happy.

The thought of us living in peace well we lived in peace but for some time there was no communication. This thought of everyone being happy didn’t appear to go over easy with her mom.

A lady who for years took pride in saying how she stays in her word and was quickly to share her scriptures has somehow begun to show a different side of herself.

Long story short after I went inside she was pacing up and down our stairs chanting perhaps this was praying I don’t know. What I do know is that growing up we were taught to try the spirit by the spirit.

I firmly believe that the more you draw yourself closer to God the more God will show you who your dealing with.

The more and more I push myself on this journey the more I notice things. If I’m vlogging she comes outside and walks through my vlog.

If I’m working out she finds a reason to come outside. In fact each time I work out she goes out later and begins to pace the very grounds I worked out on back and forth.

This morning I woke up ready to vlog. The weight dropped on my foot (driving foot) and prevented me from doing so.

Lesson learned I can only focus on what I can do at the moment. Today working out is not doable. I went shopping and purchased myself salads, fruits, and nuts.

Last night in my worship and prayer God reminded me that by his stripes I am healed.

Blessings to everyone