Familiarity With Myself

I woke up this morning with this burning desire in my heart. I know that God has placed me on this journey to loose weight and better my health. I am now understanding that this is also a journey of self in general.

The more I spend my time in worship and prayer and studying scripture for some reason the more I find myself well by myself. I find that I want to spend time in solitude of course I have my son whom I love dearly and I am not talking about being away from him.

This is becoming a journey that is beginning to blossom each day that passes and each week I realize that God is directing me down this path. This week for instance God has challenged me to commit a full five days straight of working out. No matter what is going on around me, no matter the obstacles that are tossed my way. I am committing to five straight days Monday through Friday of working out.

Familiarity With Myself…………

In this time I am forced to cross boundaries that for whatever reason have been placed. I am forced to walk into what I know as the unknown but I know that God will never leave me nor forsake me because his word has promised me so.

In this time I am forced to push myself harder than I have before and even more so I cannot give up nor can I give in. God is a God who speaks and directs if only we listen. It is up to us at the end of the day if we choose to have ears and hear. I have had this long standing relationship with food that has not been the best.

I abused this relationship and for years I took it for granted while neglecting the proper relationship with both my health and body. Things are starting over from scratch and a foundation is being laid. This is a foundation that I choose to pass on to my son in hopes that he will pass it on to his children one day.

So this week God has instructed me to workout Monday through Friday, and this week God has reminded me to choose my foods wisely and incorporate healthy choices and I intend to do so. In my past I would have worried about sharing this in all honesty.

Darkness had such a hold on me but even greater is that God had an even firmer hold and darkness us under his feet. I am reminded as I type this as scripture says and perhaps someone reading this at the moment needs to be reminded that when God sets us free we are free.

Never be afraid to step into your purpose……..

Never be afraid of getting to know yourself……..

It’s okay to start over by building a foundation………

Foundation started and rooted with God is firmly planted on good soil…….