My Intentions Delayed???????

I set out this week with intentions to workout and vlog the entire week. This was a challenge that I eagerly took on.

Monday was a success as I pressed through some hard core cardio. Please check out the video below and feel free to pass it on.

Tuesday came and I was ready to continue with doing some weightlifting. Life got extremely busy and suddenly everyone needed my help.

In my heart I was hurting like never before, and for some reason I was disappointed in myself.

Words of wisdom from my nine year old wow never saw it coming. So he approached me on Wednesday after I had an accident with a heavy weight dropping on my foot.

In the midst of my pain, agony, tears, frustration, and questioning as to why all of this was happening he spoke.

He began telling me that he understands how important this journey is to me. He helped me to understand a concept which I was missing out on.

Yes this is a journey but I have to understand that it’s okay to take it slow as long as I’m being consistent.

My nine year old spoke and helped me to see that on this journey there will be times when we’ll simply put life happens and I can’t change that.

What’s most important is that I continue to build positive habits of making healthier choices.

Wow I’m so proud of my son and this has been a lesson well worth the learn.