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No More Dieting……

I spent so many years seeking diets and quick fixes. In the end I realized that I was only chasing after a pattern.

I would diet, loose a few pounds, fall off the van wagon, and double back the weight I’d lost.

This journey that I’m on has an entire new meaning to me. After many fails and false attempts I realized something.

It’s not about dieting because obviously that doesn’t work for me. Rather I should say it’s only been a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

God has opened both my eyes and heart to understand that it’s an overall lifestyle change.

My faith, my heart, my thoughts, the way I perceive things such as food. It’s even more such as my relationship with food, how I shop, how I prepare it, and making sure I’m active every day.

This journey takes faith, courage, strength, consistency, and as another blogger mentioned dedication.

At this stage in my life I’m more than great full for the many life learned lessons and blessings that God has both showed and given me.

My every step belongs to God my rock, my shield, and my foundation as word mentions my high tower.

After all of my fails the foundation is being firmly rooted and laid. I pray that this journey to better health and physical fitness inspires others whom are stuck in darkness and bondage.

Knowing that with God it’s possible it’s my prayer that this journey opens the door to inspire change.

All in all I’ve learned that it’s not about a quick fix diet. I have learned that it’s a journey of faith, and an overall LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

Stay blessed