Switching Things Up

Date: August 23, 2021 Time: 4:37 pm

Yesterday I got a head start on today knowing that it would be somewhat chaotic.

Today was my sons first day of school this school year I chose to keep him in a traditional homeschool.

I had every intention on waking up at 5:00 am, however I didn’t get much sleep so I slept in until 5:30 am.

My goal was to have myself and my son completely ready and out the door by 6:30 am. I had a goal of working out from 6:30 am to 7:30 am.

Funny thing that extra half hour of sleep combined with a few extra things around the house shifted my plans.

Working out this morning did not happen so I’m switching it up for today and I’m working out this evening.

I used to be full of excuses anything gave me a reason why I couldn’t get it done. Now this journey to better health, Weightloss and lifestyle change means so much to me.

One step at a time……..

No more excuses…………….

Make it happen……………….

Stay blessed……………………..


Your View Changes

Date: August 22, 2021 Time: 2:56 pm

It’s Sunday and we’re at my moms house. This is a typical traditional Sunday in my family, however since the pandemic things have changed a bit. That combined with family moving away and lives changing.

It smells good in here my mom is making the yams with bell peppers in the oven. On the side we’re having fish and salad.

Yams and Bell Peppers prior to going in the oven shout out to aunt Lisa for the picture

This is one of those None Scale Victories I hear about. Growing up Sunday Dinners were much different.

(1) Fried Chicken (2) Spaghetti (3) Mac N Cheese (4) Hot Water Corn Bread (5) Greens (6) Fried Corn (7) Smothered Chicken (8) Fried Pork Chops (9) Candied Yams (10) Chicken n Dumplings and trust me the list goes on

Guess I’m learning an amazing lesson when your relationship with food changes your view changes. It’s Sunday and my aunt is over with the boys. We’re having Sunday dinner a much healthier way. Not to mention a good hand of UNO.

Easy Lunch/Dinner

Date: August 20, 2021

Lately I’ve been loving salads the possibilities are kinda endless okay well some things shouldn’t happen this much I know.

Since I’ve been working on my relationship with food. Salads have literally been a go to meal for me. Sometimes I have it as lunch and sometimes I have it as dinner in efforts of training myself to have something light at night.

Pre packed salad mix with dressing included. Shaved Parmesan and I topped it off with some fried onions(guilty pleasure)

I even decided to purchase this bowl and dedicate it as just that my salad bowl. My family knows that when they see this bowl they cannot touch it.

Im starting to really enjoy this journey and somewhere down the road I’ll think back and recall the small things that made my journey grand.

Salads and dedicated salad bowls 🙂

Stay blessed


Gonna Be A Good Year

Date: April 20, 2021 Time: 8:49 pm

On our way home we saw the Good Year Blimp. My son per the usual says “mom does that mean it’s gonna be a good year”?

I look at my son and I told him “Yes son it does” and we continued on our way. When we got home my son looks up at the sky and says “look mom the blimp is right here”.

We decided to take out the camera and record a few seconds. My son then says “mom you should put it on YouTube so that everyone in the world can have a Good Year“

I smiled I even laughed a bit but deep inside I thought it was the most cutest and genuine thing ever.

Good Year Blimp It’s gonna be a good year

Stay Blessed………..


Sometimes Moving Forward Means Letting Go

Date: August, 21,2021 Time: 7:49 am

I’m sitting here once again giving God my first fruit and listening to worship songs.

In the midst of me talking to God I was hit with some rough reality. Oftentimes when God is moving us forward we try our hardest to bring extra daunting baggage with us.

So when the unexpected and unnecessary struggles begin to follow and we sometimes begin to question why. We find ourselves amongst a bed of confusion that God had not intended but our disobedience and clinging tossed us in feet first.

I heard it spoken clearly not only spoken but much like a seed it was being planted. “Not everyone around you can go on this next journey with you even so I’m allowing you to see who they are for who they are”

I find this to be a very powerful word which was spoken to my spirit. I also find it to be a word that hurts because it’s not easy to let go and simply walk away especially from family.

I’m not perfect in fact God still has a lot of work to perform on me, and like a student I have much learning to do.

One thing I am learning and have learned in my season of darkness. God is a God who both knows and sees. For all the times I’ve spoken about someone in a negative way I seek forgiveness from God.

Likewise God heard the conversations that we ourselves cannot hear. The spiteful conversations that go on behind our backs God only wants the best for us than tainted relationships that hinder our journey.

In short remember that sometimes in life moving forward means letting go of people and the norm.

Stay Blessed

Seek ye first…………………


Six Years Ago

Date: August, 21, 2021 Time: 4:13pm

This morning I logged onto social media and found myself greeted with a reminder.

Six years ago I was working at a non public school in the inner city. Although society worked against these students whom were already faced with many challenges that never stopped their talent.

This picture which is more relevant in my life now than it was six years ago was drawn by one of the students.

She always took notice and complimented me on my modesty and head wraps along with my oversized earrings.

Funny thing in this picture I’m much smaller than I am today. When I saw I quickly thought of how it somehow reminds me that I’m on this journey to change my lifestyle, get healthier, and of course loose weight.

Sometimes I sit and think to myself that God has detailed ways of reminding us to never give up.

Stay blessed….


Better Than I Thought

Date: August 20, 2021 Time: 11:05 am

Yesterday I figured I’d keep my dinner simple with a salad which I purchased from Trader Joe’s, and a piece of salmon.

I sat in my moms room watching something on a channel that’s fairly new. Oddly enough I cannot recall what I was watching.

My mom is getting eager and determined to help herself with her health issues and me on my journey.

So I wasn’t surprised when she told me that she had already taken out salmon for the both of us. She also told me that she was pairing it with a recipe she found online.

Yams with red and yellow bell peppers seasoned with a bit of pink sea salt.

I wasn’t moved well not drastically I mean yes I’m on this journey to lifestyle change and better my health. Yes I love yams I mean I prep them in batches by baking them and eat them cold skin on as a snack.

At some point my son said mom dinners ready and he was even sweet enough to serve me God I love this son of mine I’m a proud mom.


Please disregard the part where I said I wasn’t to excited to eat this. Truth is hands down one of the best dishes I’ve eaten.

So it’s healthy I mean she used a bit of olive oil and sea salt and cooked it in the oven.

Salmon, Trader Joe’s Santa Fe Salad and White Yams, bell peppers, and pink sea salt.

Don’t knock it till you try it

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland in fact I’m really loving this.

Stay Blessed


When Your Ready……Your Ready

Get up

Get Moving

I used to care about how people saw me, or what they thought of me. This thought process only hindered me for so many years and opposed to getting healthier I kept putting on more weight.

Now things have changed my love language has changed. I love God, I’m learning to love myself unconditionally, I’m learning to work on improving myself no matter what and most importantly to make sure my son understands what’s important.

There’s a satisfying feeling when you wake up give God your first fruits, and then focus on your own personal health. Yes there’s days I might feel lazy and not want to. Reality check because soon as I’m done working out, or packing my healthy meals for the day. I feel so much better and completely ready to tackle the day.

Right now I focus on growing spiritually and improving my health while loosing this unnecessary and unhealthy weight.

Get Up

Get Moving

Become the beacon of faith and light that someone else needs.

Stay blessed

Early Sunday Morning

I woke up at the break of dawn with my intentions set high. I wanted to get some meal prepping done, clean the house, and of course none of this took place until after I gave God my first fruit.

I started off with Worship I personally prefer to put my earbuds in lay back and submerge myself in some of my favorite Christian Worship Songs.

After my worship I like to reflect and then study my word. Today I felt compelled to read Ezekiel 6:7 With all that’s going on this scripture alone urges me to seek God and pray for the world and myself.

I used to complain that I didn’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. One thing I’ve learned is that when I wake up seeking God first somehow time seems as though it has expanded.

Stay Blessed

Small Or Large?????

Yesterday I had to run errands for my mom. While driving we passed by a fast food chain and it was fairly hot outside.

My son reminded me that I promised him a treat. I kinda cringed because I didn’t want to stop off at a fast food chain.

My mom corrected me and so I turned back. He only wanted one thing which was a ice cream.

I pulled up to the drive through and looked at the menu.

Small $1.79, Medium $2.69, and Large $2.89

I looked at the menu again because in the past my thinking was incorrect. I used to tell myself that by the time I paid for the small I could just add an additional dollar and get more food for my buck.

This time around I thought differently and I weighed the actual outcome.

My son wanted a special treat yes, but that doesn’t mean that I have to get him the biggest size moderation.

At this moment I’m proud because I got the small ice cream. To my surprise he was overjoyed to receive it and not once did he complain.

Lesson learned and I’m happy that I did.

Stay blessed