Don’t Be Afraid To Live Out Loud…

This past weekend has yielded so much for me. I’m slowly healing from my injury, embracing the art of both shopping and eating healthier. While learning to not be afraid of living out loud.

Years I lived in darkness and for years I lived allowing myself to minimize me all for the sake of being who others wanted me to be.

It’s a bit of a fashion statement when one can truly show the world who they are. One thing is certain on this journey God is teaching me to embrace me.

I’m learning to do things for me such as putting my health and happiness first. The moment we learn to breakaway from those we thought meant us good. We learn to accept that we are better off.

Funny thing when I was working for the world. I spent most of my time in traffic, at work, in more traffic, home cleaning, and then there was bed. I had no time for myself, there was no time for me to spend with God.

Now that things are changing it’s the opposite. This morning I woke up prepared to do a few things around the house. Soon as I was ready to do these things God spoke and asked me a question. I heard Gods voice say “Do I not get the first fruit”

My plans were to prep things and then spend time with God. God set me straight the first fruit (my worship, my praise, my prayer, and my gratitude) belongs to him the moment I woke up.

Doing this allows me to find time for myself throughout the day because God opens that door. It’s in those moments that I’m learning more about the me God has ordained me to be.

To the person reading this you are more than enough in Gods eyes.