Salmon With Air Fryer Broccoli

One of my current focus points is training myself to eat a lighter meal for dinner.

Last week I meal prepped vegetable soup and this week I’m definitely including the vegetables.

Tomorrow I’ll be meal prepping so today my son and I made Salmon and Air Fryer Broccoli.

Sounds odd I know but listen that’s exactly what I thought until I tried it. 400 degrees, sprayed a bit of olive oil spray, tossed the broccoli with some creole seasoning, and in the air fryer for 13 mins because it’s how I like it.

Yummy my overthinking that it would be awful went right out the door. This is something that I’m definitely incorporating for this weeks lunch fish and air fryer broccoli along with fruit.

Someone commented on a previous blog with some amazing advice. I was told to take it slow and steady and that’s spot on.

This journey is a huge lifestyle change, so learning new ways to cook for both my son and I is definitely a must.

One things certain that although I have days where it’s a serious struggle to make the right choice. I’m learning that this fight for change is beneficial for both my son and I.

Stay Blessed

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