Small Or Large?????

Yesterday I had to run errands for my mom. While driving we passed by a fast food chain and it was fairly hot outside.

My son reminded me that I promised him a treat. I kinda cringed because I didn’t want to stop off at a fast food chain.

My mom corrected me and so I turned back. He only wanted one thing which was a ice cream.

I pulled up to the drive through and looked at the menu.

Small $1.79, Medium $2.69, and Large $2.89

I looked at the menu again because in the past my thinking was incorrect. I used to tell myself that by the time I paid for the small I could just add an additional dollar and get more food for my buck.

This time around I thought differently and I weighed the actual outcome.

My son wanted a special treat yes, but that doesn’t mean that I have to get him the biggest size moderation.

At this moment I’m proud because I got the small ice cream. To my surprise he was overjoyed to receive it and not once did he complain.

Lesson learned and I’m happy that I did.

Stay blessed