Six Years Ago

Date: August, 21, 2021 Time: 4:13pm

This morning I logged onto social media and found myself greeted with a reminder.

Six years ago I was working at a non public school in the inner city. Although society worked against these students whom were already faced with many challenges that never stopped their talent.

This picture which is more relevant in my life now than it was six years ago was drawn by one of the students.

She always took notice and complimented me on my modesty and head wraps along with my oversized earrings.

Funny thing in this picture I’m much smaller than I am today. When I saw I quickly thought of how it somehow reminds me that I’m on this journey to change my lifestyle, get healthier, and of course loose weight.

Sometimes I sit and think to myself that God has detailed ways of reminding us to never give up.

Stay blessed….