Sometimes Moving Forward Means Letting Go

Date: August, 21,2021 Time: 7:49 am

I’m sitting here once again giving God my first fruit and listening to worship songs.

In the midst of me talking to God I was hit with some rough reality. Oftentimes when God is moving us forward we try our hardest to bring extra daunting baggage with us.

So when the unexpected and unnecessary struggles begin to follow and we sometimes begin to question why. We find ourselves amongst a bed of confusion that God had not intended but our disobedience and clinging tossed us in feet first.

I heard it spoken clearly not only spoken but much like a seed it was being planted. “Not everyone around you can go on this next journey with you even so I’m allowing you to see who they are for who they are”

I find this to be a very powerful word which was spoken to my spirit. I also find it to be a word that hurts because it’s not easy to let go and simply walk away especially from family.

I’m not perfect in fact God still has a lot of work to perform on me, and like a student I have much learning to do.

One thing I am learning and have learned in my season of darkness. God is a God who both knows and sees. For all the times I’ve spoken about someone in a negative way I seek forgiveness from God.

Likewise God heard the conversations that we ourselves cannot hear. The spiteful conversations that go on behind our backs God only wants the best for us than tainted relationships that hinder our journey.

In short remember that sometimes in life moving forward means letting go of people and the norm.

Stay Blessed

Seek ye first…………………


10 thoughts on “Sometimes Moving Forward Means Letting Go”

  1. Yes that’s so true, letting go so that we can move with God’s flow. It’s not easy because what we know feels so familiar and comfortable but it might drag us back or block us from experiencing life to the full. I pray that the right people will come into your life and that you will thrive 🎶💕🎶

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