Gonna Be A Good Year

Date: April 20, 2021 Time: 8:49 pm

On our way home we saw the Good Year Blimp. My son per the usual says “mom does that mean it’s gonna be a good year”?

I look at my son and I told him “Yes son it does” and we continued on our way. When we got home my son looks up at the sky and says “look mom the blimp is right here”.

We decided to take out the camera and record a few seconds. My son then says “mom you should put it on YouTube so that everyone in the world can have a Good Year“

I smiled I even laughed a bit but deep inside I thought it was the most cutest and genuine thing ever.

Good Year Blimp It’s gonna be a good year

Stay Blessed………..



4 thoughts on “Gonna Be A Good Year”

  1. Thank you, it is quite a growth in arts as well as psychology. God reminded me of Isiah 54. vs 1- 3… About enlarging one’s tent… It speaks to me about blessings where there was once barreness.. Especially in my life where the “locusts have eaten” (inner hurts) so I thank you very much for your prayers 🙏🙏

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