Easy Lunch/Dinner

Date: August 20, 2021

Lately I’ve been loving salads the possibilities are kinda endless okay well some things shouldn’t happen this much I know.

Since I’ve been working on my relationship with food. Salads have literally been a go to meal for me. Sometimes I have it as lunch and sometimes I have it as dinner in efforts of training myself to have something light at night.

Pre packed salad mix with dressing included. Shaved Parmesan and I topped it off with some fried onions(guilty pleasure)

I even decided to purchase this bowl and dedicate it as just that my salad bowl. My family knows that when they see this bowl they cannot touch it.

Im starting to really enjoy this journey and somewhere down the road I’ll think back and recall the small things that made my journey grand.

Salads and dedicated salad bowls 🙂

Stay blessed