Your View Changes

Date: August 22, 2021 Time: 2:56 pm

It’s Sunday and we’re at my moms house. This is a typical traditional Sunday in my family, however since the pandemic things have changed a bit. That combined with family moving away and lives changing.

It smells good in here my mom is making the yams with bell peppers in the oven. On the side we’re having fish and salad.

Yams and Bell Peppers prior to going in the oven shout out to aunt Lisa for the picture

This is one of those None Scale Victories I hear about. Growing up Sunday Dinners were much different.

(1) Fried Chicken (2) Spaghetti (3) Mac N Cheese (4) Hot Water Corn Bread (5) Greens (6) Fried Corn (7) Smothered Chicken (8) Fried Pork Chops (9) Candied Yams (10) Chicken n Dumplings and trust me the list goes on

Guess I’m learning an amazing lesson when your relationship with food changes your view changes. It’s Sunday and my aunt is over with the boys. We’re having Sunday dinner a much healthier way. Not to mention a good hand of UNO.