Snack Time

Date: August 25, 2021 Time: 10:12 am

We’re sitting here and currently my son is in his typing class getting a bit frustrated.

I decided to take a moment and Coach him through his frustration of mistyping incorrect letters.

It’s better that I help him to understand. As a new student for typing it’s best he goes slow and get familiar with the keys the speed will naturally fall into place.

Before starting class I gave him a five minute snack break. I was surprised because I’ve been packing his lunchbox with fruits.

While my son is moving forward in changing his relationship with food and making better choices.

Let’s face it there are some fruits and vegetables he does not like. I recall a nutritionist telling me to inch it forward. In other words give it to him as often as you can each day he’ll get closer and closer to enjoying it.

Today we reached a milestone because I’ve been giving him peaches and nectarines. Each day both returned home in his lunchbox.

I was overjoyed when he took a bite of the nectarine in fact he enjoyed eating it.

Inch it forward and now he loves it.

Stay Blessed…………..

Inch it forward……………