Date: August 27, 2021 Time: 3:40 pm

I have always held a liking for learning Tahitian Dance. Growing up with a weight problem I guess I never thought it to be possible.

Now that I’m on this journey things look different. I’m excited in the direction it’s going. I’m even more so overjoyed knowing deep inside that someone is going to look at my journey and realize that it’s in them to do it.

So I mentioned that I signed up for a Tahitian Dance Class. I felt a longing to purchase something a bit more fitting for the occasion.

Being overweight I must admit that it was not easy to find my size. Thank God that I never gave up in my search and just when a small bit of me thought about it. The door opened and I found a shop located in America Samoa.

I placed my order which are the three Sarongs. I was overjoyed with the process as I received my order in under a week.

This is real I mean something I’ve wanted to do but held myself back out of fear. I’m here at this point where it’s real.

We Can……….

We Will……….

Stay Blessed……….

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