Cooked Something Different

September 6, 2021 9:40 pm

I’m sitting here watching a YouTube Video with my son. He’s recently found himself intrigued by lions.

I thought to share with you all this recipe I cooked in efforts of finding different foods which are healthier, tasty, and low in carbohydrates.

I went shopping the other day at this store which is close to me. It’s really a hidden gem that people love.

The products are typically marked very cheap. You’ll typically find the price written on the product with a black permanent marker.

Seafood, foreign food items, kosher products, etc. there’s so much to find here. Leading a healthier lifestyle this is one of my favorite spots.

These are some of the items I found on my find. A lot of restaurant owners, charities etc. shop here because of the types of food and the low pricing.

I managed to find Barley priced under a dollar a bag so I purchased two, Curry under a dollar (2), wheat thins under a dollar (2), plain Greek Yogurt a dollar (2), Greek Seasoning which I love under a dollar (2), Ground Round Plant Based Meat Substitute a dollar (2), and Split Pea Soup under a dollar (3).

I decided to use one bag of the Split Pea soup and cook it for roughly 40 minutes in five cups of water. After I took half a cup of Barely and the seasoning packet which came with the Split Pea Soup. I then cooked it an additional 20 mins on low heat turned it off and let it sit.

My end results I’ll show you again.

This soup is very tasty and for diabetes not too bad. Barely is actually good for people with diabetes because it’s low in carbs and can actually help to lower glucose levels. Split Peas are one of the lower carb index legumes so I personally love them.

We’ve got this…………..

No turning back………………

Stay Blessed…………………

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