Own Your Feelings

September 13, 2021 11:36 am

Lately I’ve been focusing on change overall. I’m sitting here and I realize that sometimes in life people will go out of there way to make you feel bad.

Often times this happens when your feeling good about yourself, elevating to a new level, and enjoying genuinely being happy.

Own your feelings and understand that it’s okay to be happy. Don’t ever allow anyone to purposely drag you into the ditch.

Walk away from negativity……………

Love yourself………….

Own your feelings……………..

Stay Blessed………………….

2 thoughts on “Own Your Feelings”

  1. Yes! Amen! I agree with you. In my latest course I have been considering the chameleon camouflages itself and wait to grab of the butterfly (you/me) by surprise when we least expect it. We need to be on the watch for this type of discouragement that brings one down. We were designed to revel in the accomplishments and victories, to shine/reveal the Light. Lovely post 💖

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