I Cooked

September 27, 2021 12:06 pm

I wanted to meal prep today and realized that I forgot my barley at home. Well truth be told I’ve been craving rice but of course in small portions.

I used two cups of uncooked rice I washed it and put it aside. I didn’t have my blender but I made due.

Cut up two bell peppers I had one red and one yellow. One red onion (purple), ginger, garlic, two scotch bonnet peppers seeds and all. I put a little oil in my pot and let my veggies cook a bit.

To this mixture I added Italian marinara sauce cause I had no time to get tomatoes. Good thing this sauce was loaded with tomatoes. I also added powder chicken broth, onga cubes, and curry powder. I mixed it covered it and lowered my heat a bit. This mixture cooked roughly half an hour.

I then added my rice and added some water mixed well again. I covered this, lowered heat, and cooked for half an hour.

Let me tell you I wish you could have tasted it. A quick version with what I had and if you know then of course you know yummy. I served myself one cup as a serving along with a salad and dinner served.

Stay blessed…………..

If no one has told you yet God loves you and so do I.