Sunday Morning

October 3, 2021 6:38 am

It’s Sunday morning and I’m about to dive into some worship.

My son is up doing his personal early morning workout routine. As a mom I am so proud of him. No matter what he pushes himself, and he’s really changing.

Yesterday was their first scrimmage game for Soccer. It’s the beginning of the season, and I was so proud watching him out there putting forward his best effort.

Struggling to get this thing on but he made it work

I remember when he first began soccer. As a beginner it was a bit rough for him. He never gave up even though he was in a game with players who’d been playing since they were born.

Now that we’re on this journey it means so much more to him. This journey is truly beginning to take shape and to God we owe all the glory and praises.

No matter what never give up on you………..

Stay Blessed……………….

If no one has told you today God loves you and so do I……………..

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