Had To Think Quick

October 8, 2021 7:52 am

Yesterday was a day full of things to do. A full day of homeschooling with my son. My mom wanted me to take her to run errands, and to top it off my son (my shadow) had soccer practice at night.

I am enjoying this entire process and truly embracing my journey. Along the way it’s allowed me to become more active and engaged with my son (I love the heck out of this kid).

Through it all I’m learning to be light and quick on my feet. Yesterday was no exception I had a few ingredients and little time to make something happen.

To top it off I had to make sure that my son would love anything I put together. So what exactly did I make check it out.

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Stay Blessed……….

If no one has told you God loves you and so do I.

7 thoughts on “Had To Think Quick”

    1. Yes Morag this is something I am learning to do. Especially since I have started this journey, and I realize the importance of changing the way that we eat stay blessed.


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