Peel Off The Layers

September 30, 2021 1:03 pm

Often times in life we learn lessons, and sometimes the hard way. Unfortunate as it is sometimes we look at it the wrong way.

God guides us as long we are willing to follow his very footsteps. I’ve touched on this before as it’s a crucial part of my journey.

In this season a lesson is being learned. Let go of that and those which no longer serve you.

What ever or whom ever it is it’s a choice that we must make. If the roots or the branches are dead why hold on to it.

I used to worry about what people thought of me. That’s a perspective which has been changed.

We all go through things in life I know I have. In fact the things that I’ve gone through has taught me and continues to teach me daily.

This becomes a process of peeling away layers. It’s a process that takes time. A part of those layers means releasing both things and people.

This is my journey and every part of it is vital. Every layer released and every layer which God is currently sculpting.

Peeling Off The Layers…………..

We’ve Got This……………

Stay Blessed……………

If No One Has Told You God Loves You And So I.


4 thoughts on “Peel Off The Layers”

  1. As someone who has also been peeling and releasing, this post really resonates with me. Thank you

    A few months ago a friend shared some wisdom that had never dawned on me before, yet I think about often, “What others think of you is none of your business.@

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  2. Sarah thank you for sharing that wisdom. This has been a hard lesson learned, and the more I learn it. The more I realize that I should have peeled off layers long ago. Thank you and I love your blog.


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