Overdue But Right On Time

October 13, 2021. 3:08 pm

I’ve waited for so long for this feeling right here. For so many years I wanted to, I tried, and each time I would fall.

It’s not easy I know exactly what the struggle feels like. Each day I wake up knowing I have to make a choice to do the right thing.

For my self, for my son, for the many others in the world. Those who suffer in darkness from this disease, addiction, sin, and bondage of obesity.

I took the evil and spiteful words spoken at me, over me , about me, and behind my back. I allowed those words to get the best of me tossing me further into darkness.

God is renewing my strength daily, and those same words and chants that were spoken against me. I now use them as motivation to push myself forward. The very words that were meant to destroy me. Those words have become a reminder of how GREAT and MIGHTY our GOD is.

God reminds me the power of our mind, thoughts, words, actions, and the power of Gods word.

LET’S GO…………………

If No One Has Told You God Loves You And So Do I……………..


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