October 17, 2021. 9:23 am

This morning I had an amazing prayer session of thanks. I realize something which has been standing out a lot lately.

We know that in life people will do you wrong. It doesn’t matter what they have done, but we must be honest that sometimes we secretly hold onto the wrong doing.

Just this morning as I was cleaning I was being reminded of how someone had gone to someone and spoke against me.

More than nine years have passed and now this incident has come back as a word. It’s only now that God has opened my eyes as to why it truly was done.

Yes I’ve entered a season where I’ve learned to let go of people and things that need be. Now after this I learn a true lesson in forgiving and letting go.

Just because we let go does not mean that we hold on to hatred nor regret. We learn to sincerely let go.

You know I received a comment which were true words of wisdom. I was told that someone once told them it’s none of our business what others think about us. That was wisdom and heart speak something I will never forget so thank you for that comment.

Spite, jealousy, envy, hatred and so much more lingers. This much we must understand. What is most important right now is that we humbly forgive.

Although I was reminded of the words that were spoken against me. In that moment I realized that I was ready to receive the message God had for me concerning the matter. Please understand that the person who has done you wrong probably never thinks about what they have done. Even more they might not ever apologize.

In my moment of being transparent I must say. It has taken over nine years for this day to come.

Let us learn to forgive and to forgive humbly.

If no one has told you God loves you and so do I.


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