Case Studies

Beautifully Broken Into Me is a method of change, transformation, reconstruction, and both a spiritual and lifestyle makeover. Allowing people to come and see how choices and mistakes can alter your life. Giving them hope that there are ways of overcoming the dark and dim moments in life, and giving them the chance to understand that with God all things are possible. Beautifully Broken into me is designed to help people. Those whom have been and may be on a path of brokenness. It is designed to motivate and assist by way of engaging and sharing personal experiences and mistakes. Mistakes that led to brokenness. Beautifully Broken into Me serves as a channel to share the ultimate life changing choices for a better life. In an effort of sharing life as I have gone through it, and continue to walk through it.


Mission Statement

To encourage those who have been or may be on the verge of being broken. By faith, prayer, study, engaging and resources.