New View

I embarked on this Self Health Journey. This time it has so much more meaning and purpose.

I went through years of darkness and torment and in a sense I let myself go. Crazy thing when your fighting for your life and freedom in the spiritual realm some things just don’t matter because in the moment your fighting to survive.

I know deep inside that I’m not the only one. I know deep inside that many are held captive right now even if it’s by their own thoughts and judgments that they can’t achieve.

Once you’ve gone through so much darkness sometimes the hardest part of it all is understanding that it’s done and that the fight has already been won. Victory belongs to God and God alone.

I find myself putting so much time and effort into spending as much time with my son creating memories. This is something I’ve always strived to do, however at times the enemy moves in quickly like a raging flood trying to take, take, take.

Our joy, our peace, our happiness…….

So yesterday my son had training and for that two hours I was in awe watching him having fun. Im always amazed by my son I love him so much. He was exercising pushing himself and giving it his all.

I loved how he didn’t care who was around him. The only thing that mattered to him was doing what he showed up to training for.

Giving it his all…….

In life we must learn to show up and whatever the task God has given us we give it our all knowing that no matter what we are covered by God.

Taken from Bible Gateway

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