When Your Ready……Your Ready

Get up

Get Moving

I used to care about how people saw me, or what they thought of me. This thought process only hindered me for so many years and opposed to getting healthier I kept putting on more weight.

Now things have changed my love language has changed. I love God, I’m learning to love myself unconditionally, I’m learning to work on improving myself no matter what and most importantly to make sure my son understands what’s important.

There’s a satisfying feeling when you wake up give God your first fruits, and then focus on your own personal health. Yes there’s days I might feel lazy and not want to. Reality check because soon as I’m done working out, or packing my healthy meals for the day. I feel so much better and completely ready to tackle the day.

Right now I focus on growing spiritually and improving my health while loosing this unnecessary and unhealthy weight.

Get Up

Get Moving

Become the beacon of faith and light that someone else needs.

Stay blessed

8 thoughts on “When Your Ready……Your Ready”

  1. When your happiness depends on what people say, you enslave yourself. you’ve done the right thing by giving freedom to yourself.
    Please don’t go on crash diets. Its only a matter of time that the body will shed as much you want it to. Speaking from experience😊😊
    All the very best my friend.

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    1. Thank you And you are so right I’ve also learned that it can be a fight to release yourself from being enslaved. One thing is certain it’s definitely nowhere I ever want to be again. And thank you for your advice on crash dieting I’ve done it so many times I’m really focusing on changing my overall relationship with food thanks a lot friend

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    1. Thank you we can do this it reminds me of that saying that your good to anyone if your not properly taking care of yourself have a blessed day we’ve got this


  2. This is such a great choice, you will feel way better physically, just do not over do, everywhere should be a limit, step-by-step + healthy food, no diets needed, just better choice of ingredients and way of cooking it)

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